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Position the hairs in the right direction and seal them for 24H with our Brow Control. Do you have unruly brow hairs or do you desire a look that is different from your natural brow shape? Create and seal every brow look with the Brow Control.

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  • • Creates a brow lamination look
    • Extremely strong hold
    • Doesn't leave a white haze or flakiness 
    • Universal transparent wax 
    • Includes mini brush

    The Supercilium brow gel creates a brow lamination look. So now you can get a salon-style precise brow gel look at home! It is also a strong brow gel that has an extremely strong hold on products like brow powder, eyebrow pencil, clear wax pencil, and eyebrow wax. It itself works as an eyebrow wax or a soft wax that does not leave a white haze or flakiness. Another fun fact is that this eyebrow gel is considered a universal transparent wax. It also includes a mini brush in the package which makes it even easier for you to shape brows and tame brows. 

  • Aqua (Water), Ceteareth-30, Sorbitol, Propanediol, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol.

  • Dip your spoolie brush into the wax. You don’t need much. Apply the wax onto the brows and brush them in the desired direction after you have filled in the brows with a brow pencil. It makes shape stay brow pencil long time. 

    Feathery brow look: This look gives you a full and fluffy brow look. Start at the beginning of your brows and brush the hairs upwards at a 90 degrees angle. 

    Sharp brow look: This is a more defined brow like for which you need precise application. Brush the hairs within the shape you created with the Brow Micro Pencil to make sure your sharp brow look will stick the full day. 

    Emphasize natural brow look: We all love a natural brow look. And our brow control lets you appreciate and emphasize you natural brows more. Brush the hairs softly by following your natural shape and tame the unruly hairs for a soft natural look. 

    For a smooth application, clean the spoolie brush every few days with water. This will make the application of the brow gel easier since the old wax will clump in the brush hairs when not removed.

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