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About our products


We bring techniques from the pro straight to your home with the new eyebrow products. Get the best eyebrow makeup ever in 3 easy steps with our DSC technique. With our experience and knowledge in the professional eyebrow makeup industry, we developed a new range of eyebrow makeup to style your eyebrows. Get yourself a brow kit with all of our brow product for the complete DSC technique. 


You can get your desired look with our brow products in 3 simple steps: 

Step 1: DEFINE.
Define and fill your brow shape with the Brow Micro Pencil

Step 2: SCULPT.
Sculpt the brow by highlighting them with the Micro Concealer

Step 3: CONTROL.Use the Brow Control to shape and hold the brow hairs for 24H.


Our Brow Pencil is a retractable pencil with a micro-tip for precision application. Our eyebrow pencils come in 6 colors. The wide shade range makes it easy for everyone - from dark brows to light blonde brows. No matter you have sparse brows or thin brows, you get the best eyebrow makeup with our eyebrow pencil. The pencil is on one side, a spoolie brush with tiny fibres is on the other side. 

Available in 6 colors: for each skin tone and hair color- 
    •    Light Cool & Light Warm
    •    Medium Cool & Medium Warm
    •    Dark Cool & Dark Warm

Together with our community of Brow Artists, we designed a brow pencil that ticks all the boxes that you need for a breathtaking brow look. This thin brow pencil makes it easy to create every desired brow look, anywhere, any day. From bold brows to natural-looking brows, this brow pencil does the trick for you!

The microtip makes sure you can easily fill in the brows and also create hair-like strokes so that you can make the brow look that fits your favorite brow style. The waterproof and long-wear formula keeps your brows perfectly defined during the day. No matter what life throws at you. No, seriously!

Taking in mind that we all want to embrace our own diversities, we thought of bringing in the high in-demand colors to match each and every skin tone. We designed 6 shades, in cool and warm tones. This color system makes sure you always have the right shade, matching your hair color and skin tone.

For this pencil you don’t need a sharpener, just twist it when you run out of product. Amazing, isn’t it?


Create defined brows and make them pop with our Brow Micro Concealer. You can create a sharp line directly or also can use an angled brush for a more defined look. A tinted gel and our brow gel will complete the look. Available in 3 beautiful colors: Light, Medium, and Dark. These three shades are all a brow lover needs to create any look. The trick is to choose a color that is lighter than your own skin tone, this will make the brows really pop.

Together with our community of Brow Artists, we designed a brow concealer that will make every brow stand out. The super-thin tip makes it super easy to create a sharp line below the lower brow line. Same as with face sculpting, this trick will sculpt the shape of your eyebrow and highlight it. 

No matter what your favorite brow look is, highly defined, sharp, natural, or fluffy brows, this trick will make every brow pop. The waterproof and long-wear formula makes sure they will shine for the full day.

We designed 3 shades, that will match with most of all skin tones. Other than with a normal concealer or foundation, the trick is to pick a color that is lighter than your own skin color. This lighter color makes sure your brows really stand out. Because the line is so thin, you need fewer color options than for regular concealers.

For this pencil you don’t need a sharpener, just twist it when you run out of product.


It’s a clear brow gel that positions individual hairs in the right direction and seals them for 24H. These eyebrow gels have a waterproof formula to give a smudge-free look. 
    •    Creates a beautiful brow lamination look
    •    Has an extremely stronghold
    •    Doesn't leave a white haze or flakiness - Universal transparent wax
    •    Includes a mini brush

Together with our community of Brow Artists, we designed the perfect Brow Control. A brow positioning wax that can lift and shape the brow hairs and hold the hairs in place during the day. No matter what life throws at you, a windy bike right, intense sweaty workout, or a full night dancing in a club, this Brow Control will keep your brows in place.

Depending on the desired brow look, this wax can be used to tame unruly hairs, lift the brows or create a full feathery look. The transparent wax makes it suitable for all skin tones and hair colors.

The wax sticks to the hair and skin, without leaving a sticky feeling. The extreme long-lasting formula sets the brows in place for the full day. The wax comes with a spoolie brush, that makes it super easy to position the brows in the right direction. The wax won't leave a white haze or flaky residue, an important requirement for our brow artists.

There you go! We present to you our 3 most essentially exlcusive brow product - brow pen, concealer, and brow gel to give you the best eyebrow makeup ever! Go get them in your purse and start to make everyone go - WOWWWW! 


  • In Supercilium, we believe that products should be simply fantastic! Therefore all of our products are all simple, easy to use, and long-lasting. 
  • No matter what your preferred brow style is: fluffy, natural, symmetrical, with the DSC Technique you can create every desired brow look. Say it with us - Define. Sculpt. Control! 
  • Did we tell you about the tutorials yet? Our online tutorials about how to use the products and implement the DSC technique step by step can turn even the most inexperienced brow lover into a Brow Pro.
  • Our personalized online quizzes will make it easy for you to choose the right color, which most of the time is the biggest struggle for consumers when they are shopping online.
  • We have our roots in the pro-market, and therefore know what is happening in the world of brows. We are the educators in brows.
  • We value our responsibility. Therefore our eyebrow makeup is Vegan & Cruelty-free.
  • One of our powers is our Dutch heritage. The products are of the highest quality and developed with a team of brow artists. Just like our tagline #showcharacter, we choose a daring and bold look for our products. It really pops in your makeup bag. Orange is our main brand color, to represent our Dutch heritage.