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Het is je misschien al opgevallen, maar we hebben een nieuw product. Whoohooo! We zijn in de wolken, want de Brow & Lash Dye is geweldig. In deze blog gaan we jullie alle ins en outs van de dye vertellen en natuurlijk wat de voordelen zijn! Blijf lezen voor de zoete verhalen....

 The Brow & Lash Dye

De Hybrid Dye is ideaal voor klanten die een langduriger en gedurfder resultaat willen. De Hybrid Dye heeft een geltextuur die zowel de huid als het haar kleurt. Dit geeft je een henna wenkbrauw effect. Het kan zelfs grijze haren verdoezelen. Een groot freaking pluspunt: deze wenkbrauwverf kleurt niet alleen de huid en de haren voor donkerdere wenkbrauwen, maar kan ook worden gebruikt om de wimpers te verven! Wat niet mogelijk is met henna! We hebben 6 verschillende kleuren die je met elkaar kunt mixen om de perfecte tint voor je klant te creëren. De kleuren die we hebben zijn: Auburn, Ash, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black.

Above you can see an indication of different shades on the eyebrows. 


The hybrid dye has a gel texture that dyes both skin and hair. This gives you a henna brow effect. It can even cover up grey hairs. The Brow & Lash Dye will give the appearance of fuller brows and has a more rich and bright effect than regular dye and takes less time to process than henna. Which saves you time per treatment. The Hybrid Dye can also be used in combination with the brow lamination & lash lifting.


Since you can't dye the eyelashes with the henna, we finally have a product for you that allows you to create the most beautiful eyelashes for your clients. For the lashes, the hybrid dye will give a darker and more dramatic look than regular eyelash tinting.

The Brow & Lash Dye Kit 

The Brow & Lash Dye Kit includes everything you need for eyebrow tinting and lash tinting, so you are ready to create the most gorgeous brows and lashes. The kit contains: 

- 6 colors: Auburn, Ash, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black

- 4 Oxydant Developers

- Medium Angled Brow Brush

- Color Corrector

- Pro Cleanser


The benefits of Brow & Lash Dye compared to Brow Henna

  1. A big plus is that the hybrid is safe to combine with a brow lamination or lash lift treatment on the same day. With henna it's strongly advised to wait 48 hrs before applying another treatment. With the Hybrid dye you don’t have this issue as this treatment is gentler on the skin and hairs. 
  1. As I mentioned earlier, you can also dye the eyelashes with the hybrid dye. You cannot use henna on the lashes.
  1. The time per treatment compared to a henna treatment is also shorter. For henna you need 30 to 45 minutes to complete a treatment. For the Hybrid dye, a treatment will take between 15 to 20 minutes to see final results.
  1. The Hybrid dye is perfect for beginners who are starting out with brow dye treatment. It's safe and easy to perform and suitable for beauticians from all experience levels. The Henna in comparison to the Hybrid Dye can require more experience to see optimal results.

Hybrid dye course

Have you become enthusiastic after reading this blog and would you like to take a course to learn all the ins and outs of hybrid dye? You can! We have created both a  free and a certified course for you. So, you can learn everything about the new dye. With the certified course you get a few extra chapters like:

- How to reach the right consistency

- Mix & match colors

- Combining Brow Lamination or Lash Lifting with Hybrid Dye

- Troubleshooting

- Case study chapter

- Tips from the pro's

 After completing the certified course, you will receive a handwritten certificate sent to your home.


Small recap

What is it: The Brow & Lash Dye, is our newest hybrid dye for eyebrow tinting and lash tinting. 

What to use it for: To tint the eyebrows and lashes in different shades.

Why: With the new dye you can dye both eyebrows and eyelashes. The new dye stays on the skin longer than regular dye. And it takes less time to process than henna. Which means that it saves you time. 

What you need: We have created a starter kit with everything you need. If you want only one color then you need the following: Pro Cleanser to clean the brows. The right dye color + oxidant to develop the color, angled brush and color corrector to correct mistakes. We also advise you to use the prep peel gel prior to treatment. This ensures that the dye penetrates the skin better, which makes the tint last longer on the skin. 

Finally, you also need some knowledge about the product. You can do the free course here, if you want to get certified course click here.

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